I have a new job! I am now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately this means that I have to leave IPAD research behind for now, but I am excited to join an exciting new EU funded project on cardiac perfusion of nanoparticles via inhalation.

The first symposium dedicated to all aspects of revealing how the brain eliminates waste – “Clearing the Brain” – was held at UCL and hosted by John Hardy, featuring Roy Weller, Roxana Carare, Maiken Nedergaard and Jeff Iliff. The live stream is available on YouTube.

My paper pre-print on our new hypothesis on the driving mechanism behind the clearance of waste from the brain is published on arXiv. Still trying to decide on which journal to send it to.

28/09 – 02/10/2017
I visited Oslo in Norway to attend the workshop “Bio-mechanics of living systems from cells to organisms” at the University of Oslo” (slides) and to present my research at the Simula Research Laboratory.

My paper “Chemical signalling in the neurovascular unit” has been published in ReScience. ReScience publishes open source replications of models presented in journal papers and mine is a replication of Witthoft A, Karniadakis GE (2012) A bidirectional model for communication in the neurovascular unit. Journal of Theoretical Biology 311: 80-93.

I finished both the qualifying and the main race of the Rad Race European Fixed Gear Crit Championships as 4th! So close to the podium! I spent most of the race trying to drive the pace so the final sprint wasn’t my forte anymore

My paper “Arterial Pulsations cannot Drive Intramural Periarterial Drainage: Significance for Aβ Drainage” has been published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

A new version of VaMpy is out. It contains minor bug fixes and now includes the paper manuscript.

I will present as a keynote speaker at the workshop “Bio-mechanics of living systems from cells to organisms” at the University of Oslo, 29-30th September. More details to follow.

It was graduation day for the first lot of PhD students from cohort 4 of the DTC Complex Systems Simulation. The sun was on our side and it was a fantastic day!

Red Hook Crit London No. 3 was “a bit wet”, so I took it easy and came 50th out of 60. The KYCU Velo crew made lots of new friends by bringing lots of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and the biggest gazebo in the rider village 🙂

The ReScience initiative paper on sustainable computational science has been published on arXiv.

KYCU Velo raced Minet Crit at the Hillingdon cycle track in London and I bagged at 7th place, whilst my team mates scored 13th and 22nd in the men’s final. Strava

I feature in Total Women’s Cycling’s article on the supporting bike races for the pro road races.

I raced my debut at the Rad Race Fixed42 World Championships in Berlin. I rode the 42 km distance at over 40 km/h average and placed 24th out of almost 100 women, but I’m not gonna lie, the best thing was overtaking more than 200 men in the process, even though the women’s race started two minutes after the men. Strava

The London (Rapha) Nocturne finally has a separate women’s track bike race! This was my first race for my new team KYCU Velo and I finished 15th. Strava

My journal paper “VaMpy: A Python Package to Solve 1D Blood Flow Problems” has been published in the Journal of Open Research Software ( GitHub repository

I finished 13th at NLTCBMBC’s ThunderCrit in the Women’s A category at the Olympic cycling circuit in London. Strava

And that’s a wrap for the Calshot Winter Track League! At least until the same time next year I get to call myself the female Calshot Track Champion.

Thanks to the rad guys from Rad Race I got to race at the 6days Berlin for their guest race Last (Wo)Man Standing. Unfortunately the qualifying ended in a terrible accident for me, taking me out of the race entirely. I am ok though, no broken bones luckily.

If you’re writing your PhD thesis in LaTeX I now have a template for you on Github.

I started my new position as EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

It’s Dr. Alex Diem now! I passed my PhD viva with (very) minor corrections.